Happy E-Learning

Thanks to my colleague at WU,  Steve Dutcher, for the great ID blog site. I referred to the CommLab site that you posted. I found a couple of really interesting and helpful articles that provide insight and that are innovative and exciting. The first article I read was by Chinthakunta Krishna Delighting Your Online Learner – 5 Aspects to Consider.” The post was an infographic (which I am very excited about learning how to do) that illustrated five useful tips for delivering top-notch learning experiences for e-learners. 1.)Divide the content into micro-learning modules 2.) Make the course interactive 3.) Gamify the course to create a fun-filled learning environment. 4.) Publish the course to HTML5 (I’ll have to research and learn more about HTML5) 5.) Use videos and animation to make the course lively.

The tips that really got me excited were make it interactive,  gamifying the course, and using videos and animations. I recently had an idea to create an application for learners that needed to study and learn information for different certifications like HVAC or CDL. The app would be set up like a game and include tons of graphics, video and animation. The goal of this particular app would be to ensure that the user is prepared for certification testing by reiterating important information.

I think that it is really important to keep the learner engaged and to continue to visit the site/app. Using games to earn points and unlock new levels and creating attractive video will keep learners engaged and interacting. Learners that are having fun are happiest and can potentially better prepare and perform better as a result.

Do you know of a good place to begin creating something like this? Please share.



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