Scope Creep is like…


Understanding scope creep is like understanding what happens when a middle age man decides to quit his job and change careers as a project to afford his family and himself a better living. To make things even more challenging for this gentleman, he is newly married and has a young son aged 2. He had just recently suffered a heart attack and is recovering satisfactorily but the stress of such sudden lifestyle changes is taking a toll. Oh yes, he has just moved back to Ohio from Florida and has not found a place to stay yet. But his project is to use his education to find better pay to get his family and his own life back on track.


When this guy first set out, he knew he needed to change careers but didn’t know what it would involve and how much he’d have to sacrifice. All of those setbacks and interruptions that he would have to endure to successfully complete the project of becoming an Instructional Designer with a Master’s of Science and Technology were not prevalent until he started to under take the tasks in the project. The more time he put in the more time was being demanded from his wife and son. His health was different now and he had to exercise and eat differently. His sleeping patterns changed, suddenly he realized that he wasn’t going to be able to just have blocks of uninterrupted time to understand new concepts and complete objectives like he could in undergraduate school.


Scope creep on a project is like this man that did not consider all of the different things that could go wrong and did not have any contingencies set up for himself or his family at first. But then as graduation neared opportunities for work increased and the sacrifices began to seem like they were all worth it. In the end, scope creep are the unexpected things that make completing a project difficult, or darn near impossible. Keys to dealing with scope creep start with resilience and ultimately hinge on resourcefulness. If this guy can complete this project not only will it be miraculous, but it will also show that when scope creep is inevitable it can be dealt with, even during the craziest moments.


To manage the situation better perhaps the gentleman could’ve waited for a better time to quit or for his family to be at a better point in their lives. However, from the way he saw it, things weren’t going to get better until he finished the project, in spite of any creepage.


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