A Very Basic Elevator Pitch


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Is it true that the training in this company is going to a learning organization model? 

Well- Do you have systems and departments in place to ensure that learning goals are aligned to business goals?

Does your organization have a diversified learning portfolio?

Just wondering because there is a great tendency to have a disconnect between strategy and execution of strategy?

Really, it is just part of my professional responsibility as a learning professional to offer services that ensure your training initiatives and training activities are aligned with your ultimate business strategy, the necessary financial resources, and the support required to carry out appropriate training activities.

Should you decide that, in fact, your organization would like to invest more into the learning that needs to take place so that there are less and less gaps between the business strategy and execution, consider personal and professional growth opportunities including a commitment to self-development, coaching, learning solutions, and training, management training, and performance management.

In addition to formal programs, consider also on the job training by changing jobs. Learning the roles of other positions in the company well enough to enhance the performance of their individual roles has proven to be a major learning asset that should be included in your learning portfolio.

I’m a learning specialist, in the event that your company will be needing a learning portfolio and I’d be glad to set one up for you.

Here’s my card, I’m happy to help.

Thanks for your time.



Noe, R. A. (2010). Employee training and development (5th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw Hill.

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  1. Robert Martinez · July 9, 2017

    Hey Joel,
    Nice work on the speech. A good point that you talk about, especially to convince someone the need for training, is does the training fit into the company’s business strategy and in-line with their goals. As simple as that concept is, I wonder how many companies actually use that thought process.
    The idea of having staff learn other roles through on-the-job training caught my attention. As a potential client, that would be something to look into. Good selling points to that would be increased employee satisfaction and retention of quality personnel.


  2. Laboratory Training and Improvement · July 10, 2017

    Hi Joel,

    I really love the “question-response” method you employed to start off your speech. They really broke the ice on relevant information organizations are concerned with. You spoke on business strategy, resources, and human performance improvement. What a great way to engage your audience and get them to buy-in to your training perspective. Really nice job!



  3. Dr. Diane Bublak · July 14, 2017

    Nice job on your speech. I wonder how much longer business cards are going to be in existence? Instead of sharing business cards, I find that most of the time people are now sharing their electronic card with me. I prefer that because I do not lose my phone. Sometimes, I toss cards in the nearest can.


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